Wind topples brick wall

ALBQUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KOB) – It looked like an invisible car plowed through a cinder block wall in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the weekend.

“We didn’t realize what had happened when we pulled in on Sunday morning to come to church,” said David Reyes, a pastor at New Heights Baptist Church.

Confused by the extensive damage, he went straight to the church’s security cameras.

“We were all pretty amazed we came in and pulled the security camera back and watched it over and over,” Reyes said.

A homeowner next door owns the fence but the church will help rebuild this wall that was reduced to rubble in just seconds.

“It was amazing to see that kind of power coming through with the wind,” Reyes said.

Reyes says this may be just an old wall but he says it’s an example of just how small we really are.

Wind gusts over the weekend were 50-58 miles an hour.

“You realize how frail you are as a human when you something like this happening. An act of God comes and this big old cement wall is tumbling down and you realize, wow, we weren’t as powerful as we thought we were,” he said.

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