Baxter Springs family says they were ‘struck twice’

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kansas (KSHB) – As residents around Baxter Springs, Kansas cleaned up what’s left of nearly 90 destroyed homes and businesses, one family came home to watch their livelihood demolished after the storm.

“Really, we feel like we got struck twice,” said Tim Robinson, whose home was pushed nearly 20 feet from its foundation from the tornado that ripped through the city.

Robinson and his family of five, soon to be six, have lived in the home for four years.

They weren’t inside during the tornado, but arrived the next morning to find a city crew tearing down the home.

“They told us we had two days to get our stuff out, and early this morning, they just started tearing our stuff down without even telling us they were doing it,” said Robinson.

The family is staying with relatives for the time being. They did not have insurance on their home.

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