KHP gives advice for driving in a dust storm

GREAT BEND, Kan. — High winds and blowing dust created a deadly combination Monday as a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 56 between Great Bend and Larned left one man dead.

Tim Parret was in the middle of the pile up during the dust storm on Monday.

“You could see, it was kinda hazy at first and then all of a sudden things went pitch black and you couldn’t even see the front of your truck. It was bad,” said Parret.

The strong winds have made dust storms a common sight.

While its best to avoid the conditions the Kansas Highway Patrol has several ideas for what to do if you’re caught in one.

Lt. Steve Billinger said, “Don’t stop in the travel roadway part, use your senses try to find the edge of the road. If you’re in such danger here where you can’t see anything, find the edge of the roadway and get yourself to safety, it’s survival mode here.”

Make sure you have your headlights on while driving, do not stop on the road, get completely off the road as soon as you can, and stay in the vehicle with your seatbelt on until the storm has cleared.

“You can’t see the road, you could tell that it could be a possible black out area, that could be your only warning that you need to stop, pull over, turn around, find an alternate path” says Billinger.

Good advice, from those who’ve been through them.

“I’ll never drive in dust again, that’s the way I’ll put it,” says Parret.

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