Delano residents pushing to lure drive-thru grocery store concept

WICHITA, Kan.– Residents of a near-downtown neighborhood have been working to bring a grocery store back to Delano for several years. Now they’re hoping a new grocery store drive-thru concept underway in Olathe, Kansas could be the answer to a lack of fresh food options.

One of the city’s most historic areas is without a full size grocery store. That’s something Delano Neighborhood Association President Karen Cravens is looking to change. So Cravens and others began putting together a plan. She was inspired by this concept called Zoom In Market.

The store just opened in Olathe, allowing customers to fill their carts online and then pick up the groceries without getting out of their cars. It’s something Cravens says would cater to a lot of Delano residents.

“That would really benefit from an alternative type of grocery thing if we had something online or at least ordered your groceries, cut back on the traditional overhead costs of a building like this,” Cravens said.

But concerns remain, including luring a business like Zoom In or something similar to Delano. Another challenge is how to serve area residents who don’t have Internet access.

Cravens admits the plans are still in the beginning stages. But with new technologies and ideas like an online grocery store catching on, the goal to bring a grocer back near downtown no longer seems impossible.





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