The Hornet’s Nest debuts in Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas – A daring mission in Afghanistan and Iraq comes to the big screen in Wichita Monday night. The air capital gets an up-close look at the longest fought war in U.S. history.

“The Hornet’s Nest”, it’s a 97 minute film that captures the un-imaginable through the lens’ of award winning journalist Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos.

“I wanted to embed more,” said Boettcher. “I wanted to go out there and tell the stories of young men and women in uniform and I wanted to do that on a daily bases.”

In 2008, the two devoted four years to follow troops through Iraq and Afghanistan. The film shows just how quickly a soldier’s life can change the moment they land.

“We landed in the middle of 500 Taliban. Their command and control, and we were surrounded for night days and had to fight our way out of there and that was the hornets’ nest,” said Boettcher.

During those nine days he says six men died and at times he thought he was next.

“I was convinced that I wasn’t getting out of their alive, so much so you’ll see various scenes we’re I turn the camera on myself,” he said.

So why risk his life? For 34 years Boettcher has devoted his life to covering wars and this time, wanted show the side that he feels too often goes ignored.

We’re a nation that 99 percent of this country does not feel the pain of war. Less than 1 percent do and those are the men and women in uniform and their families. I want them to know when they see this film, the next time they see a soldier, marine or airmen in the airport and say thank you for their services that they know what that thanks is for,” said Boettcher.

Boettcher says he is not done and plans to return with troops this summer.

Tonight’s special screening at the Warren East Theater is already sold out, but on May 16th the film will hit Wichita theaters and nationwide Memorial Day weekend.

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