Teens get prom night surprise

DENVER, Colorado (KUSA) – A group of Colorado teens got a surprise at their prom night dinner Friday.

Elizabeth High School seniors Josh Voiles and Jesse Fink took their dates, sophomores Macy Schmidt and Erika Freisner, to dinner at Perfect Landing, a restaurant inside the Centennial Airport.

“We were trying to pick a good restaurant, something that would be fun” said Fink. “So we came to the airplanes.”

Fink ordered steak. Voiles ordered scallops. Their dates ordered salads.

“We thought they were still paying so we figured we wouldn’t get something super expensive,” said Schmidt.

The surprise came after the waiter left the check at the table. Voiles put his credit card in the folio to pay the bill. The waiter returned, handed Voiles his card and informed him a couple sitting at the bar chose to pay the $75 check.

“I was just kind of in awe,” said Voiles. “I didn’t believe him at that point.”

The waiter then pointed out the couple to the group of teens. The couple came to their table to introduce themselves.

“They said they just had a blast watching us and it brought back memories from their senior proms,” Fink said.

“It’s one of those random acts of kindness that you never really expect,” said Voiles.

After they left the restaurant, the teens agreed they needed to figure out a way to “pay it forward” to someone else.

“When we see an opportunity for it, we’ll definitely jump in for it just to pass it along so someone else can have the great experience we had,” said Fink.

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