Report: FBI looking into Brownback aides

TOPEKA, Kansas – A report says the FBI is investigating former aides to governor Sam Brownback and whether they used their access to the administration to curry favors from private interests.

The report from the Topeka Capital-Journal says the FBI is also investigating the background dealings in privatizing KanCare.

The report says the investigation involves a Topeka-based lobbying group called Parallel Strategies, founded by three longtime Brownback operatives: Riley Scott and George Stafford, both staffers for Brownback when he was a senator, and his former chief of staff David Kensinger.

According to the report, the FBI is looking into the financial deal the state brokered for KanCare. Kensinger resigned before the state signed contracts with 3 insurance companies that run the state’s Medicaid program. The report says after the deal was signed, those companies hired Scott and two other former Brownback aides to lobby for them in Topeka.

The report says the FBI is also investigating whether public officials directed clients to certain lobbying firms and if those who did not fall in line were punished politically.

KSN’s efforts to reach the firm were unsuccessful.

The governor’s office tells KSN that it does not know of any investigation, and would not release a statement on the matter.

Representatives from the FBI say that as a matter of policy, they do not confirm nor deny reports of individuals being investigated.

The report says it is unclear how far along the investigation is or whether any criminal action may be brought against those officials.

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