Internet Explorer users targets for hackers

WICHITA, Kansas – A warning is now coming from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for users of the web browser Internet Explorer. Computer safety experts say a potential threat affecting more than half of all personal computer owners could leave your computer and all your personal information in the hands of hackers.

In the internet technology field, they’re fielding several calls a day about an Internet Explorer virus. Kyle Begole with Ribbit Business Solutions in Wichita says the glitch allows hackers to gain full access to an infected computer.

The virus uses the flash player to give hackers full control of the PC. Experts say the best advice is to stop using the explorer browser until Microsoft offers a fix. Users can also disable the flash player under Internet options on any PC running Windows.

“The problem with that is a lot of websites today people go to use flash so your web experience is going to decrease dramatically,” Begole said.

Wichita State University student Kourtnie Craig is still using explorer, despite the warnings from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and others not to.

“I’m just really more protective and aware so I don’t hurt my computer because this is my baby,” Craig said.

Microsoft announced it’s working on a patch to fix the threat. The next scheduled update is about two weeks away, but the company could release an update sooner.

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