Residents react to the standoff in Park City

PARK CITY, Kan. — As a result of the standoff that occurred in Park City Friday evening, many residents were told to shelter in place and many left the neighborhood completely until the all-clear was given shortly after 9 p.m.

The standoff ended peacefully after nearly four hours but the area remained blocked off due to a tip the police received that there might be explosives in the suspects home. After searching the home the claim was proved false and the all-clear was given.

Neighbors say that the area is usually very quiet and that the most action they see on a daily basis is neighborhood kids playing basketball in the street.

Burnadine Day lived in the neighborhood for about a year and a half and she has grandchildren that currently live on the street affected. She says she is glad the ordeal ended without anyone being hurt.

“I’m really glad it’s over,” said Day. “…safe and no harm came to anyone.”

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