Lawsuit expected from KNEA over education bill

WICHITA, Kan. — Since the education bill became law on Monday there’s been speculation of lawsuits coming from the Kansas National Education Association, but officials say they’re doing their research before they make any moves.

“No final decisions have been made,” said David Schauner, general counsel with the KNEA. “We are still trying to complete our research want to make certain that we are on good footing when we file and hope to have a decision within the next 30 days.”

That still doesn’t take away the sting of the new law. At the center of the possible lawsuit is the removal of due process which could lead to teachers being fired without being given a reason.

“Would it be right for a teacher to be dismissed because they suggested that for what the child needs it’s gonna cost some money and an allocation for a position?” said Randy Mousley with the United Teachers of Wichita. He believes despite all the attention the bill has gotten in the past week, the big problem could be people waiting for something to happen before taking action.

” I don’t want people to become complacent that it’s not something important here and now just because it could be a year from now before the law would be challenged because you know somebody was dismissed without a reason given to them,” said Mousley.

But one thing is clear to him.

“We gotta try to change some things before that happens.”

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