Fallout follows teacher meltdown

SARASOTA (WFLA) – The family of a Florida student shoved into a chair during a teacher’s angry outburst says the boy is now being bullied by fellow students.

Jeffrey Daughtry, a math teacher at Sarasota Military Academy, was fired shortly after a video was recorded depicting him having a meltdown in the classroom.

In a video shot on March 31st, Daughtry is seen exploding on a student and shoving him into a chair.

“You open your mouth again and you will die!” he yells.

Hundreds of people are rallying to his defense, but the student in the video says he’s now being bullied, and the family wants the madness to stop.

The student’s mother wants to remain anonymous but is asking for help, afraid for the safety of her 15-year-old son.

In Spanish, the mother said, “My son feels intimidated, like he’s going to be assaulted. And neither the school, nor the professor are putting a stop to this.”

She was furious the first time she saw the video when it appeared on television.

“He should recognize what he did,” the mother said. “He ought to ask for forgiveness, because he told a 15-year-old boy that he’s going to kill him. I think that is serious. As a parent I’m angry.”

She does admit that sometimes her son can misbehave, but she says he did not curse at Daughtry.

“My son is not calm, since he was young, he’s been an active kid,” she says. “He likes to talk a lot, but he is not a bad kid. He has no criminal record, he did not deserve to be treated that way.”

“He should’ve tried to handle the situation in another way. There is security in the school, or he could’ve called the police. But he shouldn’t have put his hands on my child and told him he should die.”

Now that Daughtry is gone, students have taken to Facebook, threatening her son. School officials even told her that her son cannot return next semester.

The mother feels people are losing sight of the fact that a grown man acted dangerously toward a child.

“I see it as an injustice,” she said. “The professor lost his job because he went crazy for 20 seconds, and yet they’re placing the blame on my son.”

“He should’ve apologized to my son for what he did. He has 15 years of experience. He’s an adult who has studied a lot and should’ve been prepared to deal with many different kinds of people. And he didn’t act correctly. My son does not deserve everything that’s happening now.”

She says her son worked hard to become accepted to that school, and she’s going to fight to keep him in there.

She feels her son has been wrongly blamed, and she wishes that Daughtry would encourage his students to leave her son alone.

“If this doesn’t end, I’ll have to call the Sheriff’s Office, and I’ll have to pursue legal action,” she said.

The boy tells News Channel 8 that Daughtry is a great teacher, and he actually didn’t want him to get in trouble.

On Thursday, his parents will meet with school officials and ask them to allow their son to remain at the school next semester.

The mother said she doesn’t dispute the love that Daughtry has for teaching, but she said this incident shows he can be dangerous around children.

She thinks he should take a medical exam to prove that he is safe enough to return to teaching.

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