Conjoined twins survive pregnancy

INDIANA, Pennsylvania (WPXI) – A pair of tiny conjoined twins are home with their family, just weeks after a birth they weren’t expected to survive.

“We were told that I was going to have a stillbirth,” mother Michelle Van Horn says.

The babies are conjoined from the chest to the bully button and are sharing the same heart and liver.

Because they share those two vital organs, Andrew and Garrett were not separated when they were born. It was a decision Van Horn and her boyfriend, Kody Stancombe, made.

“They’re breathing good. They’re crying. They’re doing everything a normal infant would do. That’s why we see them as our miracle babies,” Van Horn said.

The babies’ parents said conjoined twins happen one in every 50,000 births.

While the newborns are bringing Van Horn and Stancombe great joy, there are challenges like feeding and dressing them.

“We basically take two outfits and snap them together,” said Van Horn.

As parents, it’s heartbreaking to care for their sons knowing they might not have them for very long. They said it’s a blessing they have their little boys at all.

“They’ll continue to fight until it’s their time. We will love them and cherish them until that moment and continue even after,” said Van Horn.

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