Camp Hope finds a new home

BARTON COUNTY, Kansas – Camp Hope has found a new home after a fire destroyed the previous venue, Camp Aldrich. Barton County Community College, the owner of Camp Aldrich, is lending a hand to keep the event alive.

“Well it was unfortunate when the dining hall burned down and we didn’t want to leave them hanging,” said Barton’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Brandon Steinert.

Barton County Community College will house this year’s event, with some of the activities, like bowling and mini golf, held in town. The event benefits kids that are battling cancer.

Gail Moeder a representative for Camp Hope says, “There will be some new additions but we are trying really hard to make things look the same for the campers.”

Gail says the important thing is just being able to give the kids a fun camp experience.

“You know the important thing is having camp and having the kids be together, and they adapt a lot better than adults in a lot of ways, so i just think that they’re going to be thrilled to have camp and have the activities that we’ve had in the past.”

The college is going to put the campers up in student dorms and one of the few problems they’ve had so far is finding enough beds for all of them.

“Well the dorms would actually be overfilled, so we had to move some beds and things over from Camp Aldrich, to accommodate them,” says Steinert.

College administrators are just glad they could do something to help.

“Obviously Camp Hope is just a wonderful thing, it’s doing a great thing for kids who are going through some really tough things, the least we can do is help them trying to find another place to find a camp” said Steinert.

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