Wichita city officials try to improve smell at sewage treatment facility

sewage treatment facility improvements

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita city council members approved a contract to purchase new chemicals for Wichita’s largest sewage treatment facility.

The waste water treatment plant cleans 90 percent of waste from all homes and businesses within the city limits.

For years, area residents have complained about the smell coming from the plant.

According to officials, they have been steadily working on upgrades to the system to cut down on odors leaking into the air.

On Tuesday morning, the city council approved a contract to purchase chemicals that could stop the smell before it even gets to the plant located in south Wichita.

It is the beginning of a two-part process to help with the problem.

“We have about 15 sites that these chemicals will be in. They will be fed into a manhole. No one will ever see these, It will be under the streets and sidewalks,” said Becky Lewis, Sewage Treatment Superintendent. “It will attack that odor right at the source, and hopefully, there will be a lot less odor.”

Lewis believes all of the improvements are making a difference to the plant’s neighbors, and that’s their top priority.

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