Police receive numerous reports of suspicious security employees

WICHITA, Kansas –¬†Wichita police say they are still receiving calls from residents across the city reporting suspicious security sales employees going door-to-door.

After the initial report at a south Wichita home on Saturday morning, police received four similar complaints on Sunday, and eight more on Monday

According to the reports, at least three of the alleged salesmen claimed they were with Protection 1.

Another caller reports a man coming into his garage with a shirt, hat and iPad with the company Vivint.

Lieutenant Dan East with says all of these people did the right thing by calling 911.

“If anything doesn’t seem right, seems suspicious, we advise don’t let them into your house. Do not give away any personal information to them, and call 911 to report it so we can keep track of it,” said East.

The motives are unknown, but can vary anywhere from suspects scouting a site for a burglary to unscrupulous salesmen selling you a security system you do not want or need.

“I think part of it is creating that confusion for the consumer about, ‘Are you with my security company, or are you with a different security company,’ so it’s kind of this vagueness of who they are,” Jamie Haenggi, chief marketing officer with Protection 1 Security, said. “So if anyone’s vague about who they’re with, certainly that should be a warning flag.”

Haenggi said a Protection 1 representative would be dressed in uniform, with a shirt in the company colors and logo, shorts, and wearing a lanyard with a picture ID badge and representative number. They will also carry a tablet or clipboard.

“Are they wearing a uniform, is it professionally marked with a logo, do they have a badge,” she said. “That’s a key thing, quite frankly, not only the badge, but a rep ID, and verify that.”

East says if you are interested in a business’ services, don’t let them come inside your home unless you’ve asked for them to be there.

Instead, he says you should ask for a card or contact information, and call them back to set up an appointment for a later date.

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