Paul Davis’ statement on school finance bill

Paul Davis (AP Photo/John Hanna)

TOPEKA, Kansas – Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis made the following statement regarding Gov. Sam Brownback’s plans to sign the controversial school finance bill:

“Gov. Brownback had a simple job to do: fund our schools. I proposed a solution within a week of the Kansas Supreme Court ruling to do just that and Sam Brownback rejected it. And while the governor was nowhere to be found during the education debate, his allies tied unpopular, partisan policies to the essential dollars for our classrooms that he is now endorsing. This is just another example of Sam Brownback failing to make Kansas kids, parents and educators a priority. Kansans want a governor who understands that strong schools are the very foundation of a strong economy.”

Democratic Party candidate for governor Paul Davis will be running against incumbent Republican Sam Brownback in the November election.



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