Kansas lagging behind in government transparency online

WICHITA, Kansas – According to a recently released “Follow the Money” report, Kansas is one of the worst states when it comes to offering government spending information online.

KanView is the state-run website where people can see how the state is spending its money.

According to the report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group for 2014, that site scores among the lowest in the nation with 50 out of 100 possible points.

“We try to specify exactly what information can be found what can be downloaded what can be searched to really make an index of scoring in a way that anybody who went to  the same web sites would be able to say objectively if that information was or wasn’t there,” said the report’s author Phineas Baxandall.

The state’s score has dropped 24 points since the first report was released in 2010.

The state’s Department Of Administration oversees the site.

A spokesperson for the department says other agencies are involved.

A spokesperson tells us “The Kansas Department Of Administration was just made aware of the report late last week and will not be able to comment until we are able to look further into the components that make up the final grade.”

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