Goddard City Council passes aquatic complex; cleared for next phase

GODDARD, Kansas – The town of Goddard is one step closer to potentially exponential economic growth. Goddard City Council approved a STAR bond development agreement and project plan Monday night during the city council meeting.

The $130 million project would change the western edge of Wichita, spanning 200 acres. The STAR bond district stretches from 183rd Street west to 199th Street in Goddard, located near the new Wal-Mart.

The developer, Goddard Destination Development, Inc., is asking the state of Kansas for more than $25 million worth of STAR bonds to assist in paying for the Goddard Aquatic Complex project.

The project has the potential to bring hundreds of new jobs to Goddard.

“We’re looking at up to 400 jobs for construction and an additional indirect job count of over 500,” said Brian Silcott, the Goddard City Administrator.

The Goddard Aquatic Complex project shares the same developers as the K96/Greenwich GoodSports Village project in East Wichita.

Brian Silcott told KSN that competition between the two developments will not be an issue.

“We’re diversifying from that, but still creating that active lifestyle that we seek in the Wichita Metro Area,” said Silcott.

The plan will now head to the Kansas Department of Commerce, again, for approval. After that, as soon as the project can officially begin, it is expected to take about one year for the first phase of the project to be completed.

The first phase of the overall project includes an olympic style swimming complex, four baseball fields, and a 150 room hotel complete with a conference facility.

Most Goddard residents we spoke with support the project, but some were not entirely convinced.

“Goddard needs to grow in order to prosper,” said Debbie Hahn.

“Having something that would bring income into the town of Goddard would be super, but I don’t know if Goddard is ready for more restaurants and hotels” said Mike Shaughnessy.

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