Garden City health initiative improves sidewalks

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – With a $75,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, the Western Kansas Community Foundation created Livewell Finney County.  By partnering with Garden City and the Finney County Community Health Coalition the organization hopes to build a healthier town.

“We want to encourage everybody to get out and use what we have and look for the improvements we’re hoping to make,” said Shea Sinclair, the Executive Director of the Western Kansas Community Foundation.

In an effort to get people moving a big focus is improving sidewalks.

“The sidewalks need to be updated,” said Garden City resident Pamela Stewart.  Stewart said she thinks a lot of spots around town are very enjoyable, including the trail system, “but the sidewalks are in bad shape.”

Included in healthier living, is safer living.  One of the main priorities is to improve sidewalks and crosswalks around the schools, so kids can be safe and active.

“Students that are in a safe and positive learning environment do better.  So, connecting all the sidewalks and trying to get them from their home in a safe manner is really a great thing for the community,” said Garden City Public Schools Information Officer Roy Cessna.

While they work on sidewalks, Livewell Finney County will use the grant money to work on policy changes in the local government.

“It has all kinds of implications for economic development and businesses and families and supporting a community,” said Sinclair.

Their first resolution is to create the health and environment committee.

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