Woman encounters suspect posing as security company rep

WICHITA, Kansas – Someone who has a home security system has it in hopes of deterring or limiting criminal activity in the home. But it’s what may have prompted an impostor to knock on Kelly Billups’ home on St. Francis near 55th Street South around 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

An unidentified male suspect knocked on her door, and when she answered, the man identified himself as an employee of Protection One Security. The man told Billups he needed to update her Vivint security system’s settings because he claimed Protection One was taking over for Vivint.

But the story did not add up for several reasons, the first being his clothing: a hoodie and baggy pants, and an ID badge he was reluctant to show.

“He didn’t look professional,” Billups said. “When Vivint was here, they were dressed so nice, matching clothes, their ID had a picture of them, a company vehicle.”

Vivint installed Billups’ home security system just this past Thursday, and the technicians told her then to be on the lookout for people identifying themselves as reps from home security companies looking to tamper with her alarm settings so that they could come back at a later time to burglarize the home.

“We’ve never had any problem in this neighborhood with anything at all,” Billups said. “We felt safe, but you know, you always feel safer with a security system, and it’s just crazy that two days after getting a security system, we have a scare like that.”

When Billups confronted the suspect, he walked away from the home and stayed down the street for a few minutes. That’s when Billups called police to give them a description. By the time police arrived, the man had fled the area on foot.

Police confirmed that there were no Protection One personnel in the area at the time of the incident, according to Sgt. Ed Brower of the Wichita police department.

There were “lots of red flags on that one, she did a good job on calling his bluff,” Sgt. Brower said.

If a similar incident happens to you, Brower suggested to call police and your security company.

“They’re 24 hours, you can contact somebody, call them, ask them if there’s a representative there to verify what’s going on,” he said.

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