Voter rights group heads to KC

Voter ID (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A group working to end voter suppression is heading to Kansas City to talk about issues facing voters. Sunflower Community Action is hoping to tackle major issue before the 2014 election.

“It’s my hope that the Secretary of State and the Legislature are willing to work cooperatively to not only remove the 20,000 people on that suspended list and restore their right to vote, but to reevaluate the safe act all together,” said Louis Goseland.

With the goal finding a solution, campaign director for Sunflower, Goseland and others will join thousands in for the National Commission on Voting Rights at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. There will be discussions on challenges, successes and opportunities” for reform in all aspects of policies related to voting will be shared.

“I think for Kansans this is an exciting opportunity to elevate our story to the national level and provide people from outside the state and idea of what voter suppression really looks like right here in Kansas,” Goseland said.

The Kansas proof-of-citizenship law took effect last year. Secretary of State Kris Kobach says that it combats fraud by preventing noncitizens from voting.

“I’m sure we want safe elections, but not at the expense of Kansas voters,” said Goseland. Everyone needs to be in, no one should be left out, no one should have their rights taken away in the name of security. Under Kobach’s new law, under Kobach’s version of democracy in Kansas, everything that keeps a voter from being able to access the polls is upheld.”

All of the information shared at the conference will be consolidated into reports and eventually shared with members of congress and state activists

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