Mom makes bucket list for sick daughter

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (KARK) – An Arkansas girl is living out her life’s dreams while she can, marking off items on her bucket list.

It may sound unusual for an 8-year-old to have a bucket list, but when doctors placed Skylar Stone on hospice care a few months ago her mother, Lindsey, started making a list of things most parents want to see their children do.

The list includes going to a sleepover and graduating from high school.

Now they’re crossing off as many items as she can not knowing how much time they have left.

In dance class, with her volunteer buddy right behind her, Skylar can glide across the dance floor with the other kids with ease, even though she suffers from Schizencephaly.

“She’s got a little a less than half a brain altogether. You look at an MRI and it’s all black, no brain tissue just fluid,” her mother explains.

Her condition makes some other typical activities, like going to a sleepover, nearly impossible.

“There is no way I can have her be invited and say are the 13 medicines she takes at night, here is her pulse machine, here is oxygen if she needs it, it’s a big responsibility,” says Lindsey Stone.

So her mother made sure to put it on Skylar’s bucket list, a list she created to help her cope with Skylar’s prognosis.

“When they put her in hospice it was a pretty big shock. I knew she was regressing but I didn’t think we were at his point,” she says.

So Stone started writing and they got to work. One of her first achievements was attending a slumber party.

“They did nails and danced and sang. She stayed up longer than anybody,” says Stone.

Every night for the past two weeks, the pair have been busy making memories. Skylar has gone camping, gotten a manicure and met a few celebrities.

They even allowed KARK to join them on Skylar’s quest to capture at least a thousand hugs and smiles.

“She has the best laugh you have ever heard she makes you laugh with her,” says Stone.

They hope with each photo and memory, people learn more about Schizencephaly and Skylar.

“At least I can give her a legacy she deserves when she is not here,” she says.

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