Mark trains officer for Guns and Hoses boxing event

WICHITA, Kansas – In just a couple weeks, some local police officers and firefighters will step into the ring for a boxing benefit called Guns and Hoses.

Last week, Leon Smitherman failed in his attempt to train one of the fighters.

This week, Mark fared no better with Officer Leslie Waldschmidt.

“Uh, you were all right I guess,” said Leslie.

“I noticed when Leslie was punching you (Mark) were backing up. She hits hard,” said Lt. Randy Cole, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department. “For me, I would have stood and took him and made her punch and held my ground.”

Guns and Hoses is set for Friday, May 2nd at Hartman Arena.

Proceeds benefit the Wichita Crime Commission.

Guns and Hoses

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