Goddard hosts legislative forum on school funding

GODDARD, Kansas – About a hundred teachers, parents and school administrators from all over Sedgwick County attended a forum on the school funding bill held Friday at Eisenhower Middle School.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis was on-hand to answer questions from school officials who are highly concerned about the bill, approved by both houses of the state legislature and awaiting action from Gov. Sam Brownback.

Teachers are highly concerned with the part of the bill that removes the due process hearing and enables districts to fire teachers without an excuse.

If Brownback signs the bill as-is, it shows he “underestimates the power of a teacher,” Marney Hay, a teacher with the Maize school district, said.

Others in attendance are upset that the bill does not provide enough funding for classroom costs, and that efforts to raise more funds have to come from local mail-in elections.

Goddard has no interest in holding a mail-in election to raise their local option budget, according to school board member Kevin McWhorton.

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