911 dispatcher meets boy she saved

PHOENIX, Arizona (KPNX) – Thursday was the first time ever.

In nine years of work 911 dispatcher Danica Dunn of Phoenix, Arizona has come face-to-face with someone she helped save.

It was only 8 days ago she received the call.

A two-year old little boy had been pulled out of the family pool and was unresponsive.

You can hear the panic in the 911 called from the boy’s father.

“We have a kid who fell in the pool, he’s out,” said Michael Ain.

Ain had just pulled into the drive after work when his daughter frantically ran out and told him to call 911.

“She told me that charlie our 2-year-old fell in the pool,” Ain said.

On the other end of the line that day was Dunn.

Dunn told Michael to take over and calmly and clearly walked him through life-saving CPR.

The call lasted four minutes.

It was clear with Dunn’s instruction, Michael was breathing life into his little boy.

As emergency crews pulled up to the scene, little Charlie was whimpering and wheezing.

On Thursday, The Ain family, Michael, his wife and their two kids had the chance to meet their angel.

The experience was meaningful and emotional for both the woman who answered the call for help and the family who narrowly avoided tragedy.

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