Meet the claw machine kid

LINCOLN, Nebraska (WOWT) – Somewhere in the middle of Kael Ireland’s 15 minutes of fame, the clock stopped and his share of fame’s pie kept on swelling. His mom says she has an adventurous little boy.

The three-year-old from Lincoln, Nebraska was back in his mother’s arms Wednesday after sending her into a panic until he turned up in the window a bowling alley’s Bear Claw machine.

“I was scared,” Kael’s mom said. “I figured he was just running around in the yard somewhere. When I couldn’t find him I hollered at him and, you know, he’ll holler back at me if he’s close by. He wasn’t answering me. Started panicking a little bit.”

The little boy had escaped from their apartment, made his way across the parking lot to Madsen’s Bowling and Billiards and, once inside, he climbed through a small hole into a machine filled with stuffed toys.

“I knew he knew how to unlock the door but he’s never taken off like that before, obviously. And him climbing into the machine, I can believe it. Seems like something he would do.”

It was not only something he would do, it was something that he did but his trip to the fuzzy confines of fame probably wasn’t a random trek.

“Yeah, we’ve been in there a couple of times, especially since it’s so close. We’ve gone in to play pool or go bowling so I know he’s seen it before. It’s been two or three times. I can’t believe he knew exactly where it was. Went straight for it.

“He’s pretty wild. He’s adventurous. He’s pretty independent. For a three-year-old he likes to do stuff himself.”

Stuff like rocketing around the globe. That picture of Kael in Toyland is the shot seen ‘round the Web.

“Yeah, all this attention is overwhelming and kind of crazy,” his mother said.

She also said Kael won’t be doing much by himself for a while. She’ll be keeping a closer eye on her adventurer.

Lincoln Police say Kael’s mom reacted just as she should have and she will not be cited.

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