DCPD focuses on trouble area

DODGE CITY, Kan. — About a quarter of the accidents in Dodge City last month happened on one street: Fourteenth Avenue.

“It’s actually a pretty busy road,” said Dodge City resident Imelda Dominguez, who works off of Fourteenth Ave.  “Right here on this corner, cars are going up and down the hill, there are accidents.  One time there was like a six car pileup.”

So, the Police Department is taking action, cracking down on traffic crimes in that specific area for the next two months.

“We look at all the data and see where the accidents are the worst and enforce a little stronger there, that’s our main goal,” said Lieutenant Jeff Mooradian.

The speed limit along fourteenth avenue is 35 miles per hour, but because it’s a four lane road people tend to drive like it’s a highway, and that causes a lot of problems, especially at the busier parts of the street.

“Over by Dillons is pretty busy,” said Dominguez.  “There are some pretty crazy drivers, I just don’t think people follow the speed limit.”

Officers are focusing on speeding, texting and driving, running stoplights and any other violations they see.

“Enforcement is important,” Mooradian said, “it’s not just to punish people, to write them tickets, to make them pay fines, anytime we see our enforcement increase, accidents decrease.”

DCPD has written over 50 citations on Fourteenth Avenue since Monday, and they said they’re not writing warnings.

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