Late freezes concern Kansas farmers

Freezing temperatures  this late in the year  make for a waiting game for Kansas farmers.

John Jenkinson of the AG Network says that, “Its obvious we know for a fact we have freeze damage, the problem is we won’t know the extent of the depth or extent of that damage for another week, but some of that could be severe in some areas.”

Farmers know that there is freeze damage, and that damage can be worse when there is little rainfall.

Kansas State Extension Agent Alicia Boor says, “Last year we had three freezes a week apart and we still had a pretty good wheat crop and but we also had rain.”

Farmers are hoping we’ve already seen the coldest temperatures this spring has to offer.

“The later into the year we get the more damage results from freeze, right now freeze can still definitely hurt the wheat but we just don’t know how much until the wheat gets more mature,” said agronomist Aaron Wolff.

But thanks to a strong global supply of wheat, your prices shouldn’t go up in the the grocery store.

“Initially in short term there will be no effect on the consumer, however we do know we will not have a record wheat crop this year” said Jenkinson.

Some especially dry areas are already feeling the losses and farmers won’t know the extent of those losses for at least another two weeks.

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