Derby school district exploring new boundary options

DERBY, Kan. — School leaders in Derby are drawing up new district boundaries as part of shifting students to a new middle school that will open next year.

However, some parents hoping to stay connected to their favorite school, say that both of the two options available are disappointing. They are hoping a petition will make a difference.

With the future of their children’s education at stake about two dozen parents came to Derby High School for a forum on two options for new district boundaries.

“Either map doesn’t help my fear, I’ll still have the fear that my babies won’t be able to continue in the schools they are in now,” said parent Bonne Smith.

“It’s not an open situation where and I can speak into a microphone and hear each other’s opinions and thoughts on the situation I feel like that’s a disservice to the community,” said Laura Swenson, another Derby parent.

“The biggest challenge is pleasing people, they’ve had great attachment to the schools that they go to and so when you create a boundary that shows that their child may go to a different school. That concerns them because they’re comfortable, they feel good where they are at,” said Derby Superintendent Craig Wilford.

Wilford says the district has been working on the plan for several months, holding four public meetings on the consulting firm’s findings about the new boundaries.

The district is accepting written comments before making a recommendation to the school board.

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