Wichita city council to discuss sidewalk repairs

WICHITA, Kansas – State and city laws both put the responsibility of sidewalk construction, repairs and cleaning on the home or business owners where the sidewalk is.
Tuesday, the mayor and city council plan to vote on a set of sidewalks that the city’s public works department says needs to be fixed, cleaned, or re-built.

If approved, the bill will be sent to the owner of the property that sits next to it.

Those will be sent out April 25th.

Owners will then have 30 days to pay the bill without any interest.

Another option is to pay the principal and interest over five years, and placed on the 2014 tax roll.

The amount of repairs and construction will affect how much property owners owe the city, with estimates ranging from a couple hundred dollars to the several thousand dollar range.

For a list of sidewalk repair locations and estimates, click this link below and scroll to page 280.

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