Nearly $50K in guns and ammunition stolen from Salina store

Cleve's (Courtesy: KSAL Radio)

SALINA, Kansas – Police are looking for as many as 140 guns, knives and several loads of ammunition stolen from a sporting goods store.

The theft occurred sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning at Cleve’s Marine & Sporting Goods store on south Broadway in Salina, according to Capt. Mike Sweeney.

The thieves apparently entered through a garage door and then disabled the building’s alarm system, Sweeney said.

Store employees were still taking inventory Tuesday, and were frustrated by the burglary.

“[Burglars] don’t come in here and buy guns from us,” Bob Muir, an employee at the store, said. “They don’t go through instant background checks, they don’t do all the things that honest gun owners have to do in order to purchase a firearm. They just steal them.”

It’s not the first time burglars have targeted Cleve’s. A burglary in 2001 resulted in the loss of 90 guns. To date, police have been able to retrieve 11 of them since they were put into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms national stolen firearm database.

“We’re going to be including all these weapons into our national database shown as stolen, and they’ll never be removed,” Sweeney said.

Police say they’re worried about who ends up with the guns, noting that they will likely be re-sold or exchanged on the black market.

“We wouldn’t be surprised if they start floating out into other states,” Sweeney said. “They tend to expand the market pretty quickly, but we’re doing everything we can to try and identify who’s responsible.”

Sweeney estimated a total loss of at least $50,000. Anyone with information can call Salina Crime Stoppers at 785-825-TIPS.

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