Nurseries scrambling to move plants before freezing temperatures

WICHITA, Kansas – Local nurseries are scrambling to protect their plants from a late spring freeze.

KSN talked to Cathy Brady of Brady Nursery Monday.

Cathy says workers have been busy moving plants to a warm place.

“On Sunday, we moved a lot of plants indoors into various greenhouses that we have.”

Already, she says some plants are seeing damage from the cold overnight Sunday.

“We were warning people on Saturday and Sunday that cold weather was coming and to hang onto it or wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to plant,” said Brady.

Brady says tender things like annuals including flowers, tomatoes, and peppers are not hardy for the weather.

She says you want to cover them up with cloth sheeting.

If you have fruit trees, she says water them before the sun hits them in the morning.  It will prevent the frost from burning the flower off.

Brady Nursery
Protecting plants from late spring freeze

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