Teachers urge Brownback to veto current school funding bill

WICHITA, Kansas – As Governor Sam Brownback tours Kansas to promote more money for universities including Wichita State University, teachers are there to greet him with a message.

Many want him to veto the current school funding bill and end due process for tenured teachers.

Many are representing the Kansas National Education Association.

The group is wanting the governor to veto House Bill 2506.

It is something the governor says local school districts can keep if they chose.

While the governor says a veto is possible, that move could create even more challenges and lead to teacher lay offs.

“I think he needs to do the right thing. He needs to veto this bill and send it back to the legislators and tell em let’s get things done right. We’ve been told by the courts, public schools in Kansas,” said Pam Taverner, KNEA president.

“I’m hearing from teachers. Our office has been contacted by a number of teachers very concerned, very concerned about this. That’s why another piece we really want to understand the legal implications of what is here,” said Governor Brownback.

The governor says the bill did just arrive at his office today.

It begins the ten day countdown for him to sign it.

At this point, he says all options are on the table including a veto that could then start the process all over again.

The governor says he will not take the full ten days but won’t commit to a deadline.

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