Highway shooter: Searching for clues

KANSAS CITY, Kansas (KSHB) – A string of highway shootings cases in the Kansas City area has left many people with more questions than answers.

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Nolan May, a gun expert and the general manager at Centerfire in Olathe, Kansas says the bullet holes may give us some insight to the type of gun being used.

Nolan says the size and shape of the hole may be clues. Experts say the gun being used is most likely not something like an AR-15, which has smaller diameter bullets, and would produce smaller holes. What they say is most likely being used is a 9mm handgun, which would have larger diameter bullets, and would produce larger holes.

While pictures of some of the bullet holes look like clean shots, other holes are elongated. May says that may tell us where the shooter is position.

“Either the shooter is in a vehicle following them directly or shooting back at them you think someone would see that or the person is standing very close to the side of the road and shooting at them when the car is just about to pass them,” he said.

For low velocity handguns, experts say the shooter could be closer to the driver. “I would guess within 25 yards. I would say even closer than that,” May said.

When asked why some victims say they didn’t hear a loud gun shot, May says between the traffic noises of the highway, or listening to the radio, both would make it difficult to hear a shot coming from an unknown direction.

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