Fox terrorizes playground

DERRY, New Hampshire (WHDH) – A Derry, New Hampshire park has reopened after a fox attacked two children.

“It’s kind of scary. My girlfriend called me earlier this morning telling me to be careful.” said Nancy Harper, who came to park armed with spray and a snow brush.

A 5-year-old girl was going down the slide at the Derry playground when she was attacked by a fox Thursday afternoon.

“The child slid down this slide and when she got off this fox was right there and grabbed her by the ankle,” Derry Police Capt. Vern Thomas said.

“A couple adults that were nearby came over and stomped on the animal to let go. It didn’t initially let go but eventually was scared off,” Thomas added.

A similar incident was reported Wednesday night.

Police aren’t sure if the animal had rabies, but that’s the thought because of its behavior.

“The fact that it attacked a person, that’s unusual. But it attacked more than one person. In fact, when we were chasing it today it attacked another animal,” Thomas said.

“It was very nerve-wracking to hear that. We have two dogs and three children and they’re always outside. You’re worried about ticks, not rabid foxes,” a neighbor said.

Police were able to track the fox down and shoot it after the attack Thursday. They said they will be testing it for rabies. The girl has started treatment as a precaution.

Parents were relieved the fox isn’t running around but still worry about what else is still out there.

“I’m still nervous. It could have bit other animals. We don’t know,” the mother three said.

The Humane Society says rabid foxes are rare, but symptoms include unprovoked aggression. Derry Police are urging anyone who sees animals acting strange to stay inside and call Animal Control.

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