Teachers rally in El Dorado to protest school finance bill

EL DORADO, Kansas –  The debate over the school finance bill that passed last weekend continues.


Many teachers across the state are still in an uproar after the bill was passed, calling it a travesty for public education.

Thursday evening, teachers were hoping to get their message across to Governor Sam Brownback.

More than 50 teachers from various school districts came to El Dorado to voice their concerns.

They are up in arms over the school finance bill that passed through the House and Senate last weekend.

“It passed by a very small margin without anybody, including the public having any opportunity for input,” said Dave Kirkbride, a KNEA staff member.

One part that has still caused concerns is the policy that removed due process for teachers.

“If a teacher did something that someone didn’t like the teacher could be fired for no reason,” said Kirkbride.

El Dorado was the chosen destination for the rally because teachers though Governor Brownback was suppose to be at the El Dorado Civic Center.

According to his office, it was on his schedule, but he had to cancel at the last minute.

It’s something that didn’t exactly sit well with those who had hoped to let Brownback know how they feel.

“Reporter: How does it make you feel to come out here when you’re asking someone to veto a bill and they don’t even show up? Well I think it’s pretty much par for the course for our Governor, he avoided us at the capital this weekend,” said Susan Reusser, a Special Education Teacher with Butler County Special Education COOP.

Reusser says she feels Governor Brownback has turned to playing helpless when it comes to deciding on what to do with House Bill 2506.

“Here is this bill, it’s coming to my desk, I haven’t read it yet, I don’t know what’s in it, well it’s time to find out Governor Brownback what you can veto,” said Reusser.

The teachers are pushing to have the bill vetoed.

They are hoping the governor will consider doing that and work to pass a clean funding bill that would solely concentrate on properly financing schools.






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