Bullet narrowly misses toddler’s car seat

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KSHB) – A 22-year-old Kansas City mother is speaking out after a bullet nearly struck her 3-year-old daughter.

Hannah, who asked that her last name not be published because no one has been arrested in the case, believes she was a target of the person or people who have been shooting at cars on Kansas City-area highways and roads since early March.

Kansas City police and federal law enforcement officials are investigating approximately 20 such shootings and believe some of them are linked.

Hannah was driving westbound on Ward Parkway, away from the Country Club Plaza, on Saturday afternoon, March 29. At around 1 p.m., she began to veer off to the right towards Shawnee Mission Parkway when she heard a loud bang. She told police she saw a green sedan veering left down Ward Parkway. There were no other cars nearby.

Only later did she discover a bullet hole in the back passenger door of her white Pontiac. A bullet had been stopped by the door, just inches from where her daughter sat strapped into her car seat.

“If that metal layer wasn’t there it definitely, it would have hit her in the legs,” Hannah said in an interview Wednesday.

Hannah reported the incident to police the next day, who included their report in a batch of paperwork released to reporters on Monday, when linkages between several similar cases on area highways began to come into focus.

Asked about the green car and other evidence provided by victims and tipsters, KCPD Captain Tye Grant was circumspect.

“It’s all being looked at,” he said on Wednesday. “There is nothing that is not being considered as evidence or something that could help us to catch this person.”

Investigators have been wary about publicizing too much information about their process as the case develops. They have not publicly said how many cases they believe to be related or what evidence they have that links those cases they think do have connections.

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