Shocking electricity bill

PLATTSBURGH, New York (WPTZ) – Dave Vivian could not refrain from laughing when he saw his electric bill with a total cost of $72,257.

The electric bill was for Vivian’s Barracks Golf Course in Plattsburgh, New York. He knew right away the numbers did not add up, considering the course has been closed all winter.

“I knew right away it was some kind of mistake, but I wondered how these mistakes are made,” said Vivian.

According to the New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, the meter reader mistakenly added several more kilowatts to Vivian’s bill; nearly 1 million of them.

“It’s so ironic because all winter long we’re closed. And, the clubhouse doesn’t use more than two or three kilowatts per month,” Vivian said.

Not surprisingly, Vivian was shocked by the $72,000 charge. His winter month bills are usually $25.

“Yeah, I was just wondering if we could set up a payment plan?” joked Vivian, while on the phone with NYSEG.

NYSEG employees told Vivian they will get a new meter reading to fix the mistake.

However, Vivian still wonders how the company missed the error before the bill went out.

“You think someone would catch it, but, mistakes are made. And, maybe they’ll improve their quality control over this.”

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