Farm and Ranch Expo attracts big crowd

GREAT BEND, Kan. — The Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo has had a huge turnout and brought people from all over the Midwest. It was a steady crowd all day Wednesday and included families, farmers and ranchers all there to see what’s new in the agriculture world.

“I think that this is getting even bigger and better,” said Don Halbower with the Great Bend Lions Club.

The event has been drawing all kinds of crowds.

“All the cool stuff out here, see what’s going on, get a lot of free gifts. A lot of coozies,” said Ronnie Schmidt from Hoisington.

Besides the free stuff at the booths, farmers and future farmers came out to see the new equipment as well.

“We’re out here on a field trip today,” said Brady Rugan who is a Future Farmers of America member from Claflin, Kan. “Our ag teacher took all the ag class out. Just enjoying my time out here looking at some farm exhibits, irrigation, tractors and the razor and motor vehicles too. I’m really enjoying those too.”

All the people coming out to the expo has also already benefited the city of Great Bend.

“I think it’s fantastic, it brings people in and helps the community, and sometimes you see people that you haven’t seen before and they’re always at the expo,” said Richard and Jeanie Miller, some Great Bend residents checking out the event.

And with new people in town comes new money to the community.

“It brings in people from all over the country. The restaurants are full, the motels are full, the gas stations sell lots of fuel. It’s good for the community,” said Halbower.

Of course there are two more days of excitement and plenty of time to come out and see it all for yourself.


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