Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo kicks off

GREAT BEND, Kansas – The Farm and Ranch Expo in Great Bend starts started Wednesday and KSN will be broadcasting live from the event at 5 and 6 p.m.

It’s a major production that requires immense preparation that can sometimes take more time than the actual event itself.

The Expo is expected to more than double to population of Great Bend during its duration.

Some 30,000 people are expected to attend the Farm and Ranch Expo to learn the latest and greatest in the agriculture industry.

“It gives them the chance to look at a lot of different equipment in one place, see what everybody has to offer,” said Jeremy Gossen, Harter Ag Products.

Bringing out the equipment gives farmers a chance to see new products up close and helps vendors with their sales.

“To be able to get out here and climb up on the implements and see things that they may not have known of or just seen a picture of and they can ask questions,” said Calvin Fox, Great Bend Farm Equipment.

The event shows agriculture is big business, bringing $2 million for Barton County.

“You know agriculture is the backbone of our whole United States. They work and if we didn’t have our farmers and ranchers I don’t know where we’d be,” said Darren Dale, the organizer of the Farm and Ranch Expo.

A lot of the vendors started setting up Monday or early Tuesday morning, but some of the people with big farm equipment have been setting up since last week.

“You know it takes a lot of people and a lot of man power to put this together,” said Fox.

With demonstrations, equipment, horse training and even a beer garden. There is something for everyone.

“It’s a major project, it’s like you build and create a city out of nothing and it runs for three days and within a few hours it’s torn down,” said Dale.

The Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo continues through Friday.


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