Jury convicts woman in Texas stiletto killing

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) – A Houston, Texas woman has been convicted of murder for fatally stabbing her boyfriend with the 5 1/2-inch stiletto heel of her shoe.

Prosecutors said Ana Trujillo used her high heel shoe to kill Alf Stefan Andersson during an argument at his Houston condominium in June.

Trujillo’s attorney had argued the 45-year-old woman was defending herself during an attack by Andersson, a University of Houston professor and researcher.

“As long as she reasonable fears that the threat of serious bodily injury or death, she’s justified to defend herself. It doesn’t matter if she hit him once, twice, three times,” said defense attorney Jack Carroll.

But prosecutors say Trujillo made up her story that she acted in self-defense.

“I would submit to you that when you find her guilty of murder, you’re not telling her anything she doesn’t already know,” prosecutor Sarah Mickelson said.

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