Bound hound rescued

DULUTH, Minnesota (KBJR) – A dog is recovering after a bizarre case of animal abuse in Duluth, Minnesota.

Zach Drews discovered the dog outside of his home Monday morning, its front paws bound with a zip-tie.

Drews called her over, and she hobbled toward him.

“The dog was very friendly,” he said, recalling the experience.

That’s when he noticed a zip tie, pulled tightly around the dog’s front paws. He immediately called animal control.

After Drews fed her and wrapped her in a blanket to stay warm, Duluth Animal Control picked her up and brought her to their shelter, where they soaked her feet in an antibacterial fluid.”

“I don’t know what kind of person would even do that to an animal,” said Drews.

While just her front paws were bound, Drews says he also thinks her back paws may have been bound in some fashion before making it to his house.

He also suspects a dark motive behind the action.

“I don’t know if she had followed the railroad tracks, or maybe she was placed on the railroad tracks,” said Drews. “They’re very close to my house.”

As for the now, authorities say she’s in stable condition, walking around, and wagging her tail.

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