Grandma Jailed For Loose Dogs

(WBAL) Still reeling about her jail stay, Mary Root of Harford County, Maryland is worried and nervous as she prepares for court.

The cases against her involve the 7 dogs she’s cared for and whether she intentionally let them get loose and run at large.

The 81 year old great grandmother was recently arrested and held at the Harford County Detention Center without bail for failing to appear in court.

Her dog loving attorney, Ronald Parker is outraged that his client was locked up over a case involving lose dogs.

He says root was jailed despite requesting a court postponement for health reasons and the judge receiving two letters from her doctor.

The attorney also wonders why root, who has no criminal history was held in the first place and as a condition of his client’s release on $2,500 bail the dog’s had to be removed from Roots home.

In Maryland, a judge can impose any conditions based on individual circumstances.

The judge also has discretion on whether to accept a note.

Factors include timeliness, and the note must be authenticated and corroborated.

Root’s attorney thinks the case has escalated out of control.

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