Puppy found in a pipe

BAKERSFIELD, California (KGET) – A puppy is being treated at Kern County Animal Services after it was stuck in a drain pipe near McFarland, California.

Fire crews, along with Animal Services, cleared out the pipe Wednesday, but the puppy was too scared to come out, until Thursday morning.

Rescue crews say a passerby heard the dog whimpering and called for help.

“People go for walks is what we’re understanding out here, and we’re not sure if the pup got away from somebody and has been wandering for a while and maybe decided to hunker down in the drain pipe,” said Maggie Kalar, Kern County Animal Services.

Wednesday night, rescue crews were able to clear mud and debris from the pipe, allowing the puppy named Piper to get out.

But, all the puppy did was take a peek and go back in.

Crews say because the dog wouldn’t come out on its own, they set traps with chicken and pastrami, hoping the pup would give in.

And Thursday morning, the puppy did.

But, being in another confined space, the Australian Shepard clearly wasn’t happy — until animal control officers arrived, taking the puppy out of the cage and giving it some much needed attention, along with the firefighters who helped save the small pup.

Staff at Kern County Animal Services says since Piper is only about five weeks old so she’s too young to adopt.

They say she’ll ready for adoption in about a month.

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