Common Core a discussion with state funding

WICHITA, Kan. — A lot of options are being taken into consideration to get the money where it belongs. One of them has been an obvious hot button issue in education, the “Common Core”.

Now the senate has moved forward with its version of the bill, defunding the standard creator.

“If not the Common Core Standards? If not the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards? Then which standards because we need standards, there will be standards,” said Susanne Smith, USD 259.

The decision comes after hours of grappling to find money to pay the hefty amount assigned by the state supreme court. If the senate’s bill makes it through the house, it would bar the spending of tax dollars on implementing the standards through June 2017.

“If a curricular resources textbook says that it’s aligned to Common Core state standards does that mean we can’t use that textbook or that resource?” said Smith. “So we’re really waiting to see exactly what that means.”

But other officials say this is taking attention away from the real problem at hand.

“The Gannon Decision said you must fund your schools equitably and at this point what the Senate bill does is simply move the pieces around in ways that does not address equity. They may believe they’re addressing equity, they aren’t. They’re simply embedding bad policy,” said Deena Burnett, United Teachers of Wichita.

Keep in mind the Common Core requires the standards that are required in all public schools but not the curriculum itself.

Still if it moves forward, it creates a conundrum for administrators; how do you teach standards that you aren’t allowed to fund?

The last time this issue came up, it didn’t get resolved for months.

KSN will keep you up to date on the school funding battle until it wraps up.

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