School official bullies kindergartener

WALHALLA, South Carolina (WYFF) – Hundreds have signed a petition asking for the termination of a South Carolina administrator after they say he “cyber-bullied” a kindergartener on Facebook..

It all centers around a picture the school administrator posted on his Facebook page, comparing the little girl to the young reality TV star known as Honey Boo Boo.

Elaine Thompson said she’s raise the little girl since birth.

After seeing this post, she says her great granddaughter and the rest of the family are devastated by what assistant principal Charles Fowler did.

“She is so sweet and for someone to hurt her feelings like that – not only hers, but all our family it’s just so embarrassing you know, but more hurtful than embarrassing, said Thompson.

Thompson says she’s going to send her great-granddaughter to school and just see how it goes.

In a statement the school district spokesman said quote, “We are aware and we are investigating. We do have board policies that pertain to this situation and as we investigate we’ll apply these policies to the situation as best we can.”


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