School districts frustrated over assessment failures

Kansas State Assessment Site (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Problems have plagued the new state assessment test.

Many students were scheduled to take it this week.

Since then, the computer site has been up and down.

On Thursday, the Wichita Public School system said it is not taking the state assessment test until the website proves reliable.

Maize school officials are going to wait two weeks.

“And, we’ve made the decision to suspend testing until further notice. What we are going to do is no more testing this week or next week,” said Doug Powers, Maize Superintendent.

Powers is calling it quits for now until the site becomes more reliable.

“We are very, very sensitive to the fact that the students might be in the middle of this. We have to have reliable data,” said Scott Smith, Kansas State Department of Career Standards and Assessments.

Smith says the site was expected to have glitches, but they wanted to test it statewide.

KSN questioned officials on why the tests are still being given especially when they are not ready.

The state says they want to have a baseline of how students respond to the test, and they want reliable test questions.

The state also says the testing site has been attacked by hackers this week.

They did not expect that, but they did expect a few glitches here and there on the delivery.

“When we log on, sometimes we can log on, sometimes we can’t. We’ll be half way through the test, and we’ll get kicked off. The results don’t get saved, and we can’t get back on,” said Powers.

School leaders say the test itself looks to be comprehensive and very well done calling it something that goes above and beyond just common core standards, but they say they just want it to work.

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