Microsoft “upskirter” busted

SEATTLE, Washington (KING) – A Microsoft vendor employee faces two felony charges of voyeurism, accused of filming “upskirting” videos of women at the company’s Redmond, Washington campus and other locations.

According to court documents filed last month, Leonard D. Raymundo filmed at least unsuspecting 93 female victims, holding a tiny camera in such a way that he captured their “buttocks”, “groin area” and “underwear”.

“There are situations where it’s pretty graphic,” explained Redmond Police Department Spokesman Michael Dowd. “It varied.”

Detectives claim Raymundo planned ahead, scouting locations like staircases, where he could inch closer to women with his camera.

“He used a small thumb drive-sized camera. He would have it on his hand,” Officer Dowd said. “He’d also have it on his foot, just placed the camera where he could see up women’s skirts.”

Starting in August 2012 and lasting about a year, court documents accuse Raymundo of filming approximately 86 “upskirting” video images and downloading them to his Microsoft issued laptop.

According to the charges, Raymundo captured his own face on those videos 50 times.

“I’m sure it was an important part of the evidence that it was him, his camera,” Dowd said.

Police believe Raymundo’s upskirting videography spanned several cities and locations, including airports. He used his camera for upskiritng videos for about a year until late July 2013, police say, when Raymundo misplaced camera. Lying on a path somewhere on Microsoft’s RedWest campus, another Microsoft vendor employee found it.

“He lost it somehow. It’d either fallen off where he was keeping it or somehow misplaced it,” Dowd explained.

Microsoft sent KING 5 the following statement:

“We are aware of the incident and are taking appropriate action. We do not condone this sort of behavior, and the issue is now in the hands of the authorities.”

The company would not comment on Raymundo’s employment status or what his role at Microsoft would have included. He has no prior criminal history.

Charges were filed last Friday and Raymundo is due in court next week.

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