Boosting Job Creation

(NBC News) U.S. manufacturers were in Washington Thursday urging lawmakers to support legislation that helps the industry put more Americans to work.

Manufacturing has been described as the largest driver of economic growth, but it’s taken a hit in recent years. The industry lost more than two million workers during the recession.

“We need to change our ways, people need to know that manufacturing is needed, it’s the backbone of every economy,” says Mark Andol of General Welding & Fabricating.

Andol and his welding company were recently featured in the new documentary “American Made Movie”, which explores the struggles of competing with foreign competitors.

President Obama has set a goal of creating one million new manufacturing jobs; to add those jobs by 2017 the country would need to add more than 28,000 jobs a month.

It hasn’t done that since last November, and economists predict the March jobs report will also fall short.

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