19 illegal aliens arrested after sting operation

Liberal Police Department (KSN File Photo)

LIBERAL, Kan. — After a three day sting operation ICE arrested 19 illegal immigrants,18 of whom were convicted criminals.

“Intel and information that ICE had gathered prior to actually coming to Liberal led them to believe those individuals were here,” said Jon Antrim, Liberal Police Department’s Administration Captain.

In a public statement ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations said they’re targeting convicted criminal aliens.  “By focusing our resources on the most egregious offender, we immediately improve public safety in that area,” said Ricardo Wong, the field officer director for ERO Chicago.

Crimes committed in this instance; drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, aggravated assault, burglary, domestic assault, driving under the influence, and illegal re-entry after deportation.

The Liberal Police Department was able to help the Federal agency with locating people.

“The operation was a success, and after speaking with ICE they were very pleased with the results as well,” Antrim said.

Of the 19 arrested 17 were men, 2 were women.  They were from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Recently, the number of illegal immigrants deported has risen dramatically.  In 2007, officials arrested more than 290,000 people for immigration violations, nationwide.  Last year, that number jumped to more than 368,000 deportations.  Officials report that 82% of those had been previously convicted of a crime.

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